Meet our amazing careteam!

Deanna Dietz

Practice Manager/Junior Partner

Deanna's Bio
In July of 1991, the owners of the Animal Medical Center called Deanna to see if she could cover for one of their receptionists. Over 25 years later, she’s still at the same clinic and now serves as part-owner and the Practice Manager!

Deanna grew up in Oklahoma but moved to Gillette in 1974. She graduated from high school here and has stayed ever since. Before she was hired at the clinic, Deanna was using her business administrator’s degree in several part-time jobs. One day, Dr. Kohr called and she started working part time. In 1996, her position became full time.

At home, Deanna has a mini schnauzer named Millie, who is the best mouse-catcher Deanna has ever seen. Outside of work, Deanna enjoys camping in the mountains and traveling whenever she can—her trips to Austria and Ireland are a few highlights!

Janel Hutton

Digital Media Coordinator
Janel's Bio
Learning about nature and animals came easily to Janel while she was growing up; she’s had a passion for biology and the sciences for as long as she can remember. As she got older and started volunteering and working with pets in the professional world, she started to realize that she had a knack for connecting with other animal owners just like herself. For Janel, a career in the field of veterinary medicine is only natural!

Born in Colorado, Janel grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana to earn a degree in biology. During her studies, she volunteered and worked for ZooMontana and a local pet resort, where she furthered her personal knowledge and gained crucial experience with hands-on animal care. Upon moving to Gillette with her husband in 2006, Janel adopted a puppy from a local shelter and brought him here to the clinic for his early vaccinations. That’s when she met Dr. Lynde—it wasn’t long before Janel was submitting her resume!

Janel started here at the hospital as a Receptionist and Veterinary Technician and now serves as Digital Media Coordinator. She loves to reach out to fellow pet owners through social and digital media and is especially fond of using her photography skills to make an emotional connection to readers and viewers.

Outside of her interests in animal care and photography, Janel enjoys music, art, food, and travel. She and her husband live with their three children—Lilyanna, Emmalee, and William—and share their home with Lucky, an affectionate Lab/Border collie mix, as well as a pair of loveable cats named Leeloo and Champ.

Liz Aten

Supervising Technician/Staff Efficiency Coordinator
Liz's Bio
Liz grew up on a ranch in Gillette, where animal care was a natural part of life from day one. She remembers playing “vet” alongside her sister and brother, and even helped her father tend to the family horses. It didn’t take long for Liz to realize that a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for her!

Liz first joined the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming family in 2005, when she was placed here for her high school’s career placement program. She’s been here ever since, and now helps the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Technician! Liz particularly enjoys exploratory surgery, X-ray work, IV placement, and dental cleanings.

Much of Liz’s free time is spent being the best mother she can be to her wonderful children. When she has a spare moment to herself, she enjoys exercising, crafting, and spending time with her cat, Kona, and the family German shepherd, Bud.

Tara Lynn

Customer Advocate
Tara's Bio
Tara has always had a soft spot for animals but never suspected that she would find herself working in the veterinary field. Shortly after beginning her veterinary journey here at the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, though, she was hooked! Tara has now been serving pets professionally for over 10 years.

Tara is a Gillette native and attended college in Huron, South Dakota. She joined the hospital family in early 2006 and has been here ever since. Her passion within veterinary medicine is nutrition—Tara likes to say that she could talk about canine and feline nutrition all day without getting tired of it! She’s particularly proud of founding the clinic’s “Biggest Loser: Pet Edition” weight-loss program.

At home, Tara and her husband share their lives with two beautiful children, Lucas and Tatum, as well as nine canine companions. They have a Husky named Keenu, a Basset hound who goes by Hank, and seven sled dogs. Tara regularly participates in sled races with her dogs, and has even won several races!

Amber Kylander

Veterinary Technician
Amber's Bio
Amber was an active member of the 4-H and Future Farmers of America organizations while growing up here in Gillette. For her, animal care has always been a natural part of life. She likes to say that she didn’t choose the veterinary profession—it chose her! Amber has been a Veterinary Technician with the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming for more than nine years.

Amber attended Laramie County Community College to earn her Associate’s degree in equine training and management, then obtained her Bachelor’s degree in animal sciences from the University of Wyoming in 2007. After a brief period working at a local coal mine, she joined the Animal Medical Center team and has been here ever since.

In addition to her daily duties as a Veterinary Technician, Amber is responsible for educating the community by attending career fairs at local high schools, assisting with seminars, and overseeing job-shadowing and mentorship programs. She’s also in charge of planning on-site and community events for the clinic. For Amber, nothing beats getting to make long-term impacts in the lives of the area’s current and future pet owners!

Amber resides in Rozet, Wyoming with her wonderful husband and their two beautiful children, Kash and Kinlee. The family has three Labrador retrievers: Goose, the “old man” of the bunch; Sage, who makes it her personal mission to protect the children; and Cabela, who lives up to her breed’s namesake with her love of retrieving. Amber and her family also share their lives with two spoiled barn cats, Camo and Grey Cat, as well as three horses named Mo, Adel, and Beemer.

Leisa Martin

Veterinary Technician
Leisa's Bio
As a little girl, Leisa recalls helping her parents with the family pets’ nail trims, baths, and ear cleanings. These experiences made a permanent impression—Leisa loved the work, and it didn’t take long for her to realize that a career in the veterinary world was the perfect choice! Now, she feels proud and fortunate to help pets every day as a Veterinary Technician.

Leisa is originally from Pontiac, Michigan, and first began working as a groomer and Veterinary Assistant in a Bloomfield Point pet hospital at the age of 19. Next, she joined the team at another local clinic and gained a wealth of hands-on experience by working one-on-one with the chief veterinarian there. In 2007, Leisa and her family moved to Wyoming; she’s been with the Animal Medical Center family for nearly nine years, and is currently taking veterinary technology courses through San Juan College to become certified in the near future.

Leisa has a passion for feline medicine and is particularly fascinated by the behavior of cats. She makes it her mission to educate clients on the nuances of our feline friends’ personalities, ultimately hoping to reduce the homeless cat population in the area.

Outside of her interests in animal care, Leisa enjoys practicing photography; expanding her collections of sterling silver, rocks and minerals, and vintage Pyrex items; gardening; painting and drawing; and creating succulent terrariums for friends and family. Along with her husband, Dan, and their two children, she lives with five cats—Ella, Edwin, Izzy, Pepe, and Gibson the Great—as well as a Boxer named Drake, a Catahoula mix who goes by Clementine, and a hermit crab named Mr. Crabbs.

Whitney Hays

Dental Assistant/Groomer
Whitney's Bio
Whitney grew up in a large family full of animal-lovers, and she’s always had an interest in working with the public; she finds the ultimate reward in connecting with another human being and improving their day. For Whitney, a career in veterinary medicine is the perfect way to combine her customer-service skills and her love of pets!

Whitney is a Gillette native and first joined the Animal Medical Center family in the summer of 2013 after the hardware store she had previously worked for shut down. She couldn’t be happier to serve the pet owners of the area in a family- and community-oriented environment! As a receptionist, Whitney particularly enjoys connecting one-on-one with patients and their loving owners and finds it especially rewarding to bring comfort to a nervous animal.

At home, Whitney and her daughter—who loves animals just as much as her mother—share their home with seven loveable pets, including four rescued cats.

Chelsea Smith

Veterinary Technician
Chelsea's Bio
Chelsea first began as a member of the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming team when she was still in high school—she completed mentorship requirements here at the clinic, and ended up loving the work and her hospital family so much that she never left! Chelsea is now proud to serve the area’s pets as a Veterinary Technician.

Chelsea remained in Gillette after high school and throughout her collegiate years, gaining experience right here at the hospital during her studies. In total, she’s been a member of the hospital family for eight years—her favorite parts of the job are getting to meet new pet owners every day and working with large-animal patients.

Away from the clinic, Chelsea enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her own pets at home. The couple has a pair of elderly Golden retrievers; a rescued dog named Lily who loves getting into the pantry; a German shepherd named Patron; Grizz, who loves herding all of the other pets; and a mastiff named Lady. Chelsea and her husband also share their lives with a trio of cats: Moose, Mouser, and Whitey.

Charlene Pfaff

Certified Veterinary Technician
Charlene's Bio
Charlene was born and raised right here in Gillette, where she would constantly help friends and family with animals on their ranches. She’s always had a natural affinity with the earth’s creatures—for her, a career in the world of veterinary medicine simply makes sense!

Charlene first joined the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming team in 2008 as a member of the kennel crew. She moved to Torrington, Wyoming in 2013 to attend Eastern Wyoming College, where she earned her degree in veterinary technology and became a Certified Veterinary Technician. In 2015, she moved back to her hometown and rejoined the clinic family—Charlene has been caring for the area’s pets and animal parents here ever since. She’s particularly fond of dental cleanings and animal nutrition and continues to be fascinated by the ways that diet changes can help pets in need.

At home, Charlene has two dogs: Aspen, a purebred Siberian husky who is constantly looking for ways to entertain himself; and a pit bull mix named Durango who wants to be by Charlene’s side 24 hours a day. Charlene hopes to enter Aspen in dog agility competitions one day—but for now, she’s content practicing with her pup at home!

Tracy Serafin

Veterinary Technician
Tracy's Bio
Both Tracy’s grandparents and great-grandparents dry-farmed in Idaho, and her childhood visits made a permanent impression. Her grandfather trained horses and had a deep appreciation for animals—Tracy believes that her passion for pet care came from him. She couldn’t be happier to utilize her skillset and compassion to better the lives of the area’s pets!

In addition to her experience in veterinary medicine, Tracy has worked in the nursing and mental health fields—she graduated Summa Cum Laude from medical assisting school while she was in her 40s! She also holds a degree in business. Tracy first began working with Dr. Lynde almost 10 years ago, then moved to Colorado before returning to this area and rejoining the hospital family once again. Now, she serves as a Veterinary Technician and has most recently developed a special passion for surgical work.

Tracy and her husband, Brian, have three beautiful daughters—Ashley, Samantha, and Gabriella—as well as two wonderful grandsons named Blake and Liam. The couple shares their home with three pets: Jules and Silas, both Yorkies, and a mixed-breed pooch named Zoey.

When time permits away from work, Tracy enjoys traveling and exploring new places. She and her husband make it a point to take a cruise every year!

Esther Spiker

Pet Food and Boarding Specialist
Esther's Bio
Esther grew up around the family pets—her mother always told her that she’s adored animals ever since she could crawl. Esther is also a natural caregiver and wants to do everything in her power to help others. For her, working in the veterinary field allows her to combine her innate compassion and her love of pets in one rewarding career!

Esther is originally from New Mexico, and first began here at the hospital in 2002; she’s been happily serving the area’s pets and animal owners ever since. Esther is the hospital’s Pet Food and Boarding Specialist and loves using her position to help those in need. If she can make even one person’s day a bit better, she knows she’s done her job!

Esther is married and has three children, as well as two wonderful grandchildren. She and her husband live with four dogs—Blaze, Bear, Tinker, and Babe—as well as four cats who go by Puff, Chester, Little Sis, and Turbo.

Stasi Shippy

Publicity & Recruitment Coordinator

Stasi's Bio
Stasi receives a great deal of satisfaction from seeing a furry patient’s positive results after treatment. Recently, the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming care team helped a three-year-old springer spaniel return to an active life after a serious medical issue. When Stasi saw this playful young dog bouncing through the hospital’s front door, she was overjoyed that Tex had regained his energetic nature and zest for life. Stasi was thrilled that she could play a part in this handsome dog’s recovery!

After growing up in Montana, Stasi married a Gillette native and moved to Washington. During the mid-1990′s, Stasi and her husband decided to return to her husband’s roots, and the couple moved to his family’s ranch just north of Gillette. Looking for a veterinary medicine job, Stasi applied at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming and enjoyed working as a veterinary technician for four years. After moving to the non-profit sector work for several years, Stasi was thrilled when her former employer asked her to return to the practice.

As the practice’s Patient Care Coordinator, Stasi works as a problem solver. Stasi wants each client/patient pair to enjoy the best possible care experience, and she ensures that each hospital department has sufficient staff to accomplish that goal. Stasi also focuses on keeping the hospital’s employees satisfied and productive, which helps the practice to maintain its high standard of care.

When Stasi’s away from the hospital, she enjoys life with her husband, who works as a structural engineer at a local engineering business. The couple has three children, two adult sons, and a teenage daughter. In Stasi’s limited spare time, she loves to explore different worlds by diving into a good book. Stasi’s home also hosts four beloved furry family members. Mae Mae & Tucker, the family’s spunky little Corgis, Lizzie, a former stray cat Stasi’s family rescued from the county fairgrounds, and Chexx, her orange Domestic Long Hair is a wild little guy.

Christi Layten

Certified Veterinary Technician
Christi's Bio
Christi has loved animals for as long as she can remember. In high school, she made a decision: she was going to follow her dream of caring for pets professionally! Now, she’s a Certified Veterinary Technician here at the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming.

Christi was born and raised in Newcastle, Wyoming. She graduated from Eastern Wyoming College in 2000 and began working here at the clinic during her studies.

As a Tech, Christi is especially fond of all types of surgeries, from routine spays to exploratory procedures. She also enjoys catheter placement, IV fluid administration, and taking care of the clinic’s medical inventory.

At home, Christi lives with her husband of 15 years, her daughter, and son. The family shares their home with three Boston terriers named Hobo, Polly, and Bubbles, a Labrador Retriever named Kindle, and eight cats. They also own two horses, five fainting goats, 2 guinea pigs and a few chickens!

Kim Blauert

Pharmacy & Inventory Coordinator

Kim's Bio
Growing up in an agricultural community right here in Gillette, Kim’s interest in animal health was piqued at an early age. Doctoring sick cattle on her family’s ranch made her want to learn about all the “how’s” and “why’s!” Becoming a Veterinary Technician was the perfect way for Kim to work with pets daily while continuing to learn everything she could about animals.

Kim first started here at the clinic through a mentorship program in high school. After graduating in 2002, she helped in the kennels until leaving for college. While earning her degree from Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, she completed two internships right here at the Animal Medical Center. After working for a Sheridan, Wyoming practice for a few months after graduating college, she returned to Gillette and the Animal Medical Center in early 2005.

Working with large animals is of particular interest to Kim. She’s especially fond of equine surgery and helping to birth foals during the springtime breeding season. She’s even a member of the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians! Kim also belongs to the Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association.

At home, Kim lives with her rescued three-legged dog, Jazz. Kim also owns Kahlua, her horse whom she competes in shows with. In 2012 & 2015, Kim and Kahlua qualified for the American Quarter Horse Association’s West Novice Championship Show, and are currently working towards another qualification!

Maria Acord

Veterinary Technician
Maria's Bio
Maria joined our team as a member of the kennel crew while she was attending Campbell County High School in 2015, and then later as a veterinary technician in May 2017. She has attended the University of Wyoming and is currently attending Gillette College where she is studying Animal Science/Pre-Vet medicine in order to obtain a degree in Animal Science and Agriculture Education Science.

Maria chose the veterinary field because she grew up on a ranch and always helped her dad care for the animals, especially when it came to injuries and illnesses. Caring for animals has always come naturally to her resulting in her wanting to become a veterinarian. Her favorite things about working in the veterinary industry are being able to see all the different animals and issues that come through the door, making the clients happy and, of course, taking care of the animals.

She says her coworkers would describe her as blonde & beautiful. Her coworkers would actually describe her as sassy, independent, funny and happy.

Maria has 4 sisters and one brother. Her parents and all of her siblings have a passion for animals, and both of her parents have been very supportive, but her dad has been her role model her whole life. Maria has quite a few horses, and quite a few cows but her favorite type of animal is cows.  Maria loves all her dogs and pet turtle Billy (her second favorite animal).

Kasi Skinner

Supervising Technician/Training Coordinator
Kasi's Bio
Kasi started working at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming in December of 2008. She began a career as a receptionist 18 years ago in Virginia. She became a veterinary assistant and worked in both day practice and emergency before relocating to Wyoming to go to school.

Her favorite aspect of the veterinary industry is being involved in an animal’s life from beginning to end. Being able to better the lives of pets and owners.

Kasi’s coworkers describe her as knowledgeable, kind, a good teacher and a little intimidating.

Kasi enjoys spending time with her husband Kyle, daughter River, dogs Rusty & Ash, and cats, Church & Lillith.

Outside of work, Kasi enjoys cake baking and decorating as well as Roller Derby.

Leslie Wooten


Leslie's Bio
Leslie joined our team in February 2018. She studied at Gillette College and has an Administrative Assistance Certificate. She chose to work in the veterinary field because she loves animals and helping people; wanted to be a part of a family; be the business’s first impression; be in a professional, positive environment; and work in an office.

Her favorite aspect of the veterinary industry is that you never know what’s going to happen, and there’s a little excitement that comes from that. Also, she loves knowing what she’s doing is helping people.

Leslie’s coworkers describe her as bubbly, weird ;), fun, determined, friendly, energetic, and someone who jumps right in to help.

Leslie has a very large extended family, most of whom live in Wyoming. Her dad lives in Mississippi while her mom and brother live here. Her brother is almost 18 and a senior in high school. Her precious fur babies are cats, Cora and Buggy. Buggy is almost 3 and Cora just turned 2. Buggy is a huge cuddly bug and won’t leave Leslie’s side if she has a choice. Cora is so spunky and sassy that she’d make you laugh no doubt. They’re both very nice too.

Outside of work, Leslie enjoys doing aerial yoga and skills. She likes to travel for concerts, and she loves to swim too. She loves savory flavors more than any other flavor and actually has a hard time eating sweets. Leslie enjoys electronic music as well as different genres of rap, but her favorite genre is Indie music.

Suzanne Scott

Certified Veterinary Technician

Suzanne's Bio

Suzanne studied Veterinary Technology at Eastern Wyoming College and got her Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. She is certified as a Veterinary Technician in the State of Wyoming and a member of the Wyoming Vet Tech Association. She chose to work in Vet Med because she loves animals, medicine, and science. Her favorite aspect of working in Vet Med is getting to work one-on-one with patients and treating them like her own. One of her favorite things is knowing that her care is making a positive difference in her patients’ lives. She also loves learning new things and especially loves anesthesia. Her coworkers describe her as hardworking, committed, selfless, knowledgeable, caring, and sassy.

Suzanne and her husband Justin have 8 fur babies: 5 cats and 3 dogs. The one pictured with her is “Angel”, and has been a big part of her life for 15 years. She also has 2 older brothers and a younger sister who all live in Texas near her parents.

Outside of work, Suzanne and her husband enjoy going to the mountains to trail ride in our side-by-side. She also enjoys exploring new places and fishing!

Shyann Russell

Veterinary Technician

Shyann's Bio

Shyann received her associate’s of Science from Gillette College and is currently working on her bachelor’s in Animal Science-Equine Reproduction at the University of Wyoming (1 more year!). She chose to work in veterinary medicine because she has animals of her own that she loves. She loves working with horses mainly because she is so involved with them outside of work. Her favorite aspect of working in veterinary medicine is learning all the different ways veterinarians have for treating the animals that walk through the door.

Shyann has three brothers, one sister, lots of barrel horses, and two dogs that go with her everywhere (a border collie and a mini Aussie). Outside of work, she likes to go barrel racing when she gets the chance.

Shelby Coulter

Shelby's Bio

Shelby has always enjoyed being with animals and joins us as a receptionist. Her favorite aspect of working in veterinary medicine is building relationships with the owners and watching their puppies grow up, and learning something new every day. Her coworkers describe her as someone who takes the initiative to make sure her work is accurate by asking questions.

Outside of work, Shelby enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Whiskey and Willow, as well as working with my 2-year-old gelding, Leo. She was born and raised in Gillette, WY, and as a child, her family owned multiple cats and dogs. That is where her love for animals began. Shelby enjoys an active lifestyle and likes to hunt, fish, ride horses and working cows, hike, play with her dogs, and camp.

Sari Wolf

Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist
Sari's Bio

Sari is currently working towards her veterinary technician degree at Penn Foster and did her general studies at North Western Community College. She chose to work in veterinary medicine because she loves animals and science wanted to help animals; her favorite aspect is learning about animal health. Her coworkers describe her as friendly and helpful.

Sari has four daughters (ages 12yrs – 24yrs), has been married for 14 years, and has four cats and two dogs. Outside of work, she likes to play soccer and go camping and fishing.

Kayla Kretzschmar

Veterinary Technician

Kayla's Bio

Kayla received her nursing degree from Montana State University, and chose to work in veterinary medicine because she has a deep love for animals – she finds it fascinating to be able to help diagnose and treat a patient who can’t actually tell or physically show you what’s wrong. Her favorite aspect of working in veterinary medicine is that she is constantly learning something new! Every day in veterinary medicine is something different, it’s like a surprise every day! Her coworkers would describe her as a very positive and dedicated worker.

Kayla has a wonderful husband of 12 years and a great 6-year-old son, as well as a hyperactive 3-year-old Springer and possibly the oldest boxer alive coming in at 16! Her hobbies include paddleboarding, hiking, four-wheeling, quilting, playing the piano, and anything that includes my family.

Katelyn Cooley

Veterinary Technician
Katelyn's Bio

Katelyn received her veterinary technology degree from Eastern Wyoming College. Ever since she was a little girl, she enjoyed helping animals feel better. She says she honestly can’t picture herself doing anything else, animals are her passion. She loves seeing all the animals leaving better than when they came in and knowing that she’s helping make their life better. Her coworkers would describe her as hardworking, fun, happy-go-lucky, funny, and knowledgeable.

Katelyn has two older brothers, one in the army and one who was a former army soldier. She also has a constantly growing family of animals consisting of a cat named April, a border collie named Greta, a horse named Cinch, and a shetland pony named Tilley. In her free time, she loves riding horses, shooting both archery and guns, ice skating, and teaching my dog new tricks.

Katelyn plans on taking the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam) to become a certified veterinary technician and also to specialize in equine nutrition. She also has a love for pigs – she spent 4 years raising and showing FFA pigs.

Kassie "Kas" Swartz

Veterinary Technician
Kas' Bio

Kas received her Associate’s in Agriculture from Casper College and a Bachelor’s in Pre-Vet from the University of Wyoming. She is also a certified breeding and farrowing tech (swine). Her favorite thing about working in veterinary medicine is that every case is different, and it’s never the same thing. Her coworkers would describe her as funny, hard-working, and always having a smile on her face!

Kas has been married to her husband, Weston, for 4 years, and has a 3-year-old daughter, Ryley Ann, and a 10-month-old son, Harvey. She also has three dogs, Luna, Annie and Nash, three cats, Gato, Drax, and Pretty Kitty, two goats, Delilah and Lupe, and lots of cows, pigs, and horses. When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her family, working on the ranch, riding horses, and playing sports. She loves to have fun and is always looking forward to the next adventure life is going to send her on.

Cassandra Klein

Veterinary Technician
Cassandra's Bio
Cassandra started at AMC as an intern in May 2020 and we officially hired her on in July 2020. She studied in the Vet Tech Program at Fasten Wyoming College’s Torrington Campus.

Ever since she was little, she was always bringing home stray animals and this eventually turned into wanting to help animals. Which led her to work in veterinary medicine.

Her favorite aspect about working in veterinary medicine is cuddling the animals and seeing them get better. She loves seeing the variety of animals coming through and the easy-going atmosphere at AMC.

Cassandra’s family is loving and protective. Her fur babies also all have their own quirks from a cat who has OCD, and a rat that thinks she’s a person, to dogs who love everyone who walks through the gate. She adores cats and has recently found the joy of raising rats as well.

Outside of work, Cassandra loves gaming and currently is obsessed with diamond painting. She never minds picking up new and interesting hobbies.

Kacie McClure

Patient Care Coordinator / Veterinary Technician

Kacie's Bio

Kacie has worked at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming since 2012 when she was only 15! She went to school at San Juan and studied to be a veterinary technician. She chose to work in veterinary medicine because of her love of animals. Now she gets to interact with clients and patients daily.

Kacie is motivated, compassionate, strong-willed, and personable.

At home, Kacie lives with her husband, Johnny, and their son, Eli, in addition to Remi a mini Aussie, Montey the Aussie, and Apollo the Border Collie. They also have five horses and are growing their cattle herd!

When she’s not at work, Kacie enjoys crafting, riding, working cows, and spending time with family and friends!

Samantha Bossman


Samantha's Bio
Samantha has worked at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming since 2020 and is from the area, growing up on a ranch north of Gillette and graduating high school in the area. In 2020, she graduated from Northwest Community College with an Applied Associate’s of Applied Science in Veterinary Assistance.

She gravitated to veterinary medicine because she has always loved helping animals and learning about different methods of healing. And now, she gets to interact with animals on a daily basis at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming.

Growing up, she was also surrounded by animals and livestock in addition to a variety of cats, dogs, horses, and milk cows. In fact, her family always encouraged her to be with animals and on the ranch.

Outside of work, she loves riding horses, reading, drawing, and cross-stitching!

Carol Aldinger

Carol's Bio
Carol spent part of her childhood as a farm hand on her family’s South Dakota farm, where her initial interest in animal welfare was sparked. When a strain of distemper worked its way through their cat population, Carol was devastated. She decided right then and there that she wanted to dedicate herself to saving pets’ lives!

After moving to Gillette, Carol noticed an advertisement in the paper for a position at a local veterinary clinic. She applied, and her career in animal care began. She has been a part of the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming family since the very beginning—in fact, she was the clinic’s very first employee! After nearly 24 years here at the hospital, Carol loves her work just as much as the day she started.

Carol and her husband, Dane, have two grown sons who live in Gillette. On her 80-acre property between Moorcroft and Sundance, Carol keeps 33 cats, prompting many of the clinic’s clients to refer to her as “the cat lady.” Carol also owns two dogs, Browen and Braylee, and regularly feeds the local deer and turkey populations.