Local Pet Adoption Stories

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Joseph K.

“I adopted Peppers from AMC after he was brought in to be euthanized. His previous owner agreed to give him up rather than putting him down. He’s the toddler in the house since our others furbabies are all older. They tolerate him, we love him! Thank you, AMC, for helping us complete our family.”

Chanda F.

“Our older border collie was adopted from the city shelter. He had been surrendered to the shelter at 5 years old because he had lived out of the city his entire life, and when his family moved into town, he kept getting out, and they were unable to keep him contained. Well, we found out about his escaping abilities the first day he was with us! Although we do everything we can to make sure he doesn’t escape, every once in a while, he sneaks out! So he is fitted with a GPS tracker so we can find him immediately if he’s left! Our younger border collie was in a similar situation; she was just too active for her family, she also lived with many children and other dogs. When her family went out of town for vacation, the pet sitter let her out, and she opened the gate and left! When the family got home, they didn’t really mind that she was gone, so when the rescue picked her up, they said they didn’t want her back. We had been looking for a companion for our other border collie, and it just seemed like the best fit! She keeps him young!”

Ann K.

“A friend of mine who works county animal control called me one lazy Sunday morning in June of 2017. She said, you have got to come to the shelter right now. I asked her why, because of course it’s Sunday, and they are closed. She sent me a picture of the sweetest face. I shook my husband awake. I told him he had to get up we were going to the shelter. He said no… I showed him the picture. We scooted up to the shelter, where we met the sweetest little bulldog. He was a runner. The owner surrendered him after realizing she didn’t have the time or resources to keep him. We adopted the little zoomer the following Tuesday. He had several medical eye issues that AMC helped us navigate. He is now our one-eyed snack stealing pirate. Even with only one eye, he still has the zoomies and loves playing with his adopted sisters. He loves to cuddle, and he absolutely loves to lick everyone who visits.”