Equine Services

Horses and cattle require the same level of care as your traditional household pets if they are to remain happy and healthy throughout their lives. What you need is a veterinary partner that is experienced in large animal medicine and can work with you to keep your equine and bovine residents well.

Animal Medical Center of Wyoming offers comprehensive services to manage the health care needs of these larger animals, either in-house or on-site at your farm or stable. Whether you’re raising your large animals for pleasure, work or show, you’ll find everything you need with us!

Equine Services

Caring for a horse involves a lifelong commitment to quality veterinary care. We’re honored to partner with you in managing the health of your individual horse or equine herd. Our comprehensive equine health care services include, but are not limited to:

• Wellness Care
• Vaccinations
• Nutritional Counseling
• Reproduction
• Ultrasound
• Ownership Services
• Lameness Testing
• Fracture Repair
• Colic
• Dentistry
• Surgical Care

Care can be conveniently provided on-site at your barn or stable.

Animal Medical Center of Wyoming - Equine Services

It’s important to keep your animal on a proper vaccination and deworming schedule.

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