Bovine Services

Let our team help keep your cattle healthy and productive

Bovine Services


Whether you’ve got one dairy cow or an entire herd of cattle, Animal Medical Center of Wyoming can help manage their ongoing care to achieve optimum health.

Our complete bovine care services include:

  • Wellness Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Parasite Control
  • Reproductive Services
  • Surgical Care
Our team is committed to keeping up with the latest technology and advancements in animal health, in order to keep your herd healthy and productive year-round.

Based on the latest scientific research, we have developed the following effective and
proven, vaccination recommendations.

Vaccination Protocols

Newborn Calves

Optional: Inforce 3 , C & D


One vaccination needed annually:
BoviShield Gold FP5 VL5 (PregGuard Plus)
CattleMaster Gold FP 5L5

Dectomax on all Heifers and Cows each fall
—as late as possible for lice control

Scour Vaccinations:
Primary vaccination — 2 Doses required
3 weeks apart in pregnant cows/heifers
2nd dose given 3-6 weeks before calving

Min Height: auto
Min Height: auto
Width: auto
Width: auto


Option 1:
Inforce 3
OneShot BVD
Ultrabac 7

Option 2:
BoviShield Gold OneShot
Ultrabac 7

Other Considerations:
Dectomax De-Wormer
Synovex Implants: S, H or One Grower
Fly Control


BoviShield Gold OneShot

Dectomax De-Wormer ~ if not given
at Pre-Wean


Option 1:
Inforce 3
OneShot BVD
Ultrabac 7

Option 2:
BoviShield Gold OneShot
Ultrabac 7

Other Considerations:
Dectomax Injectable De-Wormer
Synovex C Implant

Replacement Heifers

Option 1: Preferable BoviShield Gold FP5VL5 (PregGuard Plus) At 30 days prior to breeding

Option 2: CattleMaster Gold FP5L5 at preg check

One Shot BVD

Provides rapid protection against BVD virus in early weaned calves

Helps neutralize M. haemolytica leukotoxins before they can destroy white blood cells & lead to lung damage

Provides rapid onset of immunity &
highest level of protection available against M. haemolytica and BVD respiratory disease

Inforce 3 & One Shot BVD

Together, Inforce 3 and One Shot BVD
—Provide Complete Calf Protection

Gives calves a healthy start & helps
protect them through grazing

Comprehensive Respiratory Protection

BoviShield Gold One Shot

BoviShield Gold 5 & One Shot combined into one vaccine to deliver convenience of a single injectable vaccine, without compromising efficacy and safety

Provides Comprehensive Respiratory

Stimulates effective protection against
IBR & M. haemolytica

It’s important to keep your animal on a proper vaccination and deworming schedule.

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