Dental Month Promotions

20% discount on the following equine services

  • Teeth Floats, Coggins, vaccines and sheath clearing
  • If an outcall is schedule for these services, that will also be discounted

Discount on the following small animal services

  • 10% discount on a dental procedure if they had a dental in 2022

Clippentails Grooming

Clippentails is Now Open!

Animal Medical Center of Wyoming’s in-house pet grooming, Clippentails, is now open!

We’re taking appointments now – call us at 307-682-2244 or use the button below to schedule your appointment today.

At Clippentails, the Basic Bath includes warm shampoo, conditioner and rinse, blow dry, ear cleaning, and toenail trim.

A Haircut includes warm shampoo, conditioner and rinse, blow dry and style (as breed requires), all over brush and detangling, ear cleaning and plucking, and toenail trim.

A La Carte Services Offered

De-shed and De-matt: $15/hr
Pluck Ears: $10
Sanitary Shave: $10
Toenail Trim: $5
Medicated Shampoo: $10
Anal Gland Expression by AMC Staff: $41


Basic Bath: $25
Haircut: $40


Basic Bath: $35
Haircut: $55


Basic Bath: $50
Haircut: $65

Extra Large

Basic Bath: $70
Haircut: $85


Basic Bath: $100
Haircut: $125

Kitty Cats

Bath: $40

Vaccination Policy

All grooming pets will need to be up-to-date on the following vaccines:

Canine: Bordetella, Rabies, DHLP (Canine Distemper)
Feline: Rabies, FVR (Feline Distemper)


We are a grooming facility run by veterinarians. This is to ensure the safety of your animal while being groomed and others who are being seen here.

Have questions for our staff?

Please complete the form below and a member of our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. If this is an emergency situation during business hours, please call us at 307-682-1507.