Whisper suffered a serious wound from an embedded collar that became hooked under his armpit. With the help of a dedicated human, a great Veterinarian and honey, Whisper has finally come to the end of his 10-month journey of healing and will soon be adoptable.

Whisper is a 51/2-year-old neutered male. If you are interested in bringing him into your family, please contact the City of Gillette Animal Shelter.

Whisper was found with his collar embedded around his neck and under one armpit in late May of 2020 by our local City of Gillette Animal Shelter. The collar was surgically removed, immediately after which Whisper went home with Marge & Dwight Bremer to be fostered until he could be adopted.

Between the collar removal and early July Whisper seemed to be healing normally, but in July Marge noticed that a small wound was developing in the area where the collar had been embedded. By the end of August, a large gaping wound was exposing muscle. Things were not looking good for Whisper. Large, contaminated wounds like the one Whisper had developed are difficult and expensive to treat.

On August 24, 2020 Marge brought Whisper in for an evaluation by Dr. Lucas. Dr. Lucas treated Whisper by sedating him, cleaning and debriding his wound, and then prescribing honey bandages to be changed twice daily. Honey contains many nutrients and minerals and has a bactericidal effect. The use of honey in the management of wounds enhances healing and eliminates invading bacteria without the use of systemic antibiotics. Honey also decreases inflammatory swelling.

Marge diligently changed Whisper’s bandages twice daily for the next 7 weeks resulting in the wound beginning to heal. She sent pictures and checked in with Dr. Lucas every week.

In early October, Whisper suffered a setback when the healing from the honey bandages seemed to stall. A surgical intervention to graft skin into the injured area was discussed, but Marge and Dr. Lucas decided to try one more wound treatment – which once again required Marge to change Whisper’s bandage twice daily.

This new treatment as well as some antibiotics slowly achieved the desired results. By January Whisper’s wound was entirely healed! Today he is living happily with the Bremer family waiting to be adopted and continues to flourish. His new life is a testimony to Marge’s compassionate and loving character. We are honored to have her and her husband Dwight as part of the Animal Medical Center.

Please note this gallery contains graphic images.