It’s gross and disturbing to think of all the different kinds of parasites that feed on our pets. Most of the symptoms that your pet might exhibit because of a parasite are so subtle and easy to turn a blind eye to. It’s easy to convince yourself that your pet can’t have parasites. But the truth is, they can and they do! Even here in Campbell County.

Let’s all say it together “Ew”.

Gross Parasites #1: Fleas & Ticks

Where your pet can get them: In tall grasses, shrubs, wildlife,  and from other pets

How can you prevent it: Frontline – topical monthly medication or Nexgard – oral beef flavored monthly medication

Fleas and Ticks carry and can cause many diseases that can make life very uncomfortable for you and your pet. Animal Medical Center recommends that everyone in Campbell County give a monthly preventative to protect our beloved pets.

Gross Parasite #2: Intestinal Parasites – Roundworms and Tapeworms

Where your pet can get them: Fleas, feces, dead animals, wildlife

How you can treat them: Dewormer such as Drontal Plus

These parasites might not cause immediate symptoms for your pet, but if the infestation gets large enough, they can cause serious complications. If your pet spends most of the time outside and/or eats feces, dead animals or other nasties, Animal Medical Center recommends deworming your pet more frequently than once a year.

Gross Parasite #3: Heartworms

Where your pet can get them: Mosquitos

Serious complications come from a Heartworm infection and this disease is often fatal for your pet. Treatment for Heartworm Disease is very costly (in the thousands of dollars) and is a long and difficult process.

How can you prevent it: Heartgard, which is a once monthly beef chew.

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