Do you have a feral (wild) cat population where you live? Do you put up with roaming, yowling, spraying, and fighting of cats? Are you worried about their health and wonder if it is even safe for you or your children to be around them?

The Trap Neuter Return program at Community Veterinary Clinic can help you.

What is Trap Neuter Return?

Trapping wild cats and altering them quickly helps stabilize the regional cat population. It ends the cycle of reproduction by creating a healthy colony of cats. It also provides vaccination protection against Rabies which is a fatal disease for them as well as you. When altered, cats become better neighbors.

Why should you TRN instead of Catch & Kill or Relocate?
TNR is proven to stabilize, if not end the reproduction cycle, whereas the other two methods have not been proven effective. Both Catch & Kill and Relocation don’t generally work because of what’s known as the vacuum effect: wherever there is a lack of cats, new cats will come in, breed to capacity and fill the ‘vacuum’.

How can CVC Help?
At CVC you can capture cats and bring them in without prior notice. We are available 5 days a week and accept surgical patients until 2 pm each day. And we have become experts at handling feral cats – we get the cats altered, vaccinated, and returned to you the same day for a discounted price.

Last but not least, at CVC we will punch a hole in the top-mid portion of the ear so that at a quick glance it can be determined if a cat is altered and vaccinated. This allows you to get your cat population altered over a period of time and to know that all the cats are included.

For pricing information go to the Community Clinic page or call us at (307) 682-3800. We would love to help you with your wild cats.

Information about where to obtain live traps:

  • Live traps can be borrowed for free from Campbell County Animal Control.Located at 950 West Warlow Drive or call (307) 686-5249
  • Live traps can also be rented for a nominal fee at Campbell County Weed and Pest. Located at 11 Northern Drive or call (307) 682-4369

How to trap your wild cat(s):

1. Set a Feeding Schedule
Feed or start feeding the wild cats around your home in the same place and ideally at the same time every day. Do this for 1-2 weeks. Prior to setting the traps do not feed for 24 hours.

2. Set the Traps
Prepare the traps away from the feeding site by lining the bottoms with newspaper and placing the bait/food in the very back of the cage. Place the trap on level ground, set them and wait. Once the trap is sprung it is best to cover it with a large towel and transport the cat to the veterinarian immediately.

3. After Surgery Care
Keep the cats in the trap in a safe, dry, warm place for one night after the surgery. Provide water (and food if you would like to) when the cats are awake. Make sure to place the water in the cage very carefully – generally, the best way to do this is put the water in a very shallow dish and slide it into the trap by slowly lifting the back door of the trap just enough to slide it through. Returning the cats to the exact place that each one was trapped is the ideal return method.

For more detailed information on implementing the Trap, Neuter, Return process visit Alley Cat Allies.

Have questions?

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