With the spring season having arrived here in Campbell County, our team at the Animal Medical Center of Wyoming would like to take this opportunity to remind you about vaccinations for your horses.

We recommend getting your horse vaccinated for rabies every spring. In his 32 years of practice here, Dr. Marshall Kohr has seen over 20 horses die of rabies. This past winter alone, our team saw a high volume of skunks test positive for rabies. Tragically, there is no cure for rabies, making vaccination all the more critical to protecting your horse against this fatal disease.

In addition to the rabies vaccine, we recommend 6-way vaccinations for your horse, which protect them against sleeping sickness, tetanus, rhinopneumonitis, the flu, and West Nile virus. Of the horses we’ve seen who have West Nile virus, only those that are vaccinated for it survive.

Finally, we encourage you to come out on April 17th for our annual equine rabies and Coggins clinic! We hope to see you there. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.