Our furry companions are like our children and we want to keep them in our families for as long as possible, so keeping them at a healthy weight needs to be top priority. At Animal Medical Center, we care about our family members, that’s you and your pets.

Facts about Pet Obesity

An estimated 52% of US dogs are overweight or obese! That’s 57 million dogs! For cats, it’s estimated to be higher at 57% of US cats are overweight or obese. That’s 81 million cats! Those numbers are scary! Overweight pets have a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, cancer and high blood pressure. They also live shorter lives than healthy, normal weight pets and it affects their quality of life. Extra fat tissue in your pet’s body can cause inflammation that causes pain.

How to tell if your cat or dog might be overweight?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it difficult to feel their ribs or spine?
  2. Is it difficult to see their waist? (Yes, they should have a waistline!)
  3. Do they often appear tired?
  4. Do they hesitate when jumping onto furniture?
  5. Does your dog pant constantly?
  6. Does your cat have matted hair on their back or tail area? (Which means they can’t reach behind them to get clean)
  7. Do they resist play time?

How much food does my pet need?

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the exact caloric need for your pet, but our Gillette Veterinarians can determine what your pet needs on an individual basis during a wellness exam. Your vet will look at a type of food, activity level, breed, household factors, etc, to figure out the food that best meets the needs of your pet. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • 10lb cat – 180-200 calories/day
  • 10lb dog – 200-275 calories/day
  • 20lb dog – 325-400 calories/day
  • 50lb dog – 700-900 calories/day

(These guidelines are from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and are based on the needs of an average indoor pet.)

Which brand of food is the best for my pet?

There are lots of pet food fads out there and the marketing for pet food products can be extremely persuasive, especially on-line. Let your Gillette Veterinarian at AMC help you make the best nutritional plan for your pet.

For 24 years Animal Medical Center of Wyoming Veterinarians and staff have carried and prescribed Hill’s Science Diet dog and cat foods. Hill’s is and has been a leader in the pet food world for many years. The Hill’s difference is that the company spends significant percentages of their profits on research, clinical testing and food trials – instead of advertising. We have many of their products in our pet food outlet and can quickly order any product they offer.

Do you think your pet might be overweight? So what can you do?

Call us! We provide free nutrition consultations. If you have any concerns regarding the weight or conformation of your pet just call and we can schedule you an appointment with our Nutritional Consultant or with a Veterinarian.

Have questions?

We’re here to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!