It’s the time of year again here at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming for Spring Vaccinations for your horses!

What equine vaccinations do we recommend during the Spring?


Rabies is a constant threat to horses and their owners in Campbell County and the surrounding areas. You might think since the risk is low, you don’t need to get this vaccine for your horses but the consequence, death, is a high price for your horses and you to pay. The cost of just treating a person who has been exposed to a rabies positive animal is between $10,000 – $20,000 per person! What is the cost of treating a horse with Rabies?? …unfortunately, there is no treatment.

West Nile Virus:

West Nile Virus is established and active in Campbell County. Animal Medical Center has treated many confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in the past 10 years. The mortality rate for a horse with West Nile Virus is 50%. The vaccine we use has been highly effective at preventing symptoms of a clinical disease and in decreasing the severity of the disease. We use Zoetis’ West Nile-Innovator vaccine for West Nile Virus, which requires only one dose annually after the initial 2 doses 30 days apart.

Sleeping Sickness/Tetanus (3-way):

Nationally the high level of vaccination has reduced the prevalence of Sleeping Sickness disease to very low levels. Tetanus protection is relatively short lived with vaccination, but very effective in preventing infection associated with traumatic injury.


Rhino-flu is a vaccine against the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV). EHV  is capable of causing respiratory disease, abortions and neurological disease. Vaccination is effective against the respiratory and abortion forms of the disease, but rarely effective against the neurogenic form. Rhino-flu Vaccinations should be boosted according to the following guidelines:

Ranch/Pleasure Horses: One to Two shots annually

Roping/Rodeo Horses: Two shots annually (Spring and Fall)

Young Futurity and Show Horses: Four shots annually


At Animal Medical Center, our recommendation on vaccinating your horse is dependent on your horses situation and travel. We generally recommend that young horses that travel should receive this vaccine, after initial boosters, every spring until your veterinarian recommends stopping. Please ask one of our Gillette Veterinarians to find out if your horse should receive a Strangles Vaccination.

If you have any questions about an appropriate vaccination regimen for your horse,

please give us at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming a call, 307-682-1507!

There’s no appointment necessary for equine vaccinations, but don’t hesitate to call ahead if you have any concerns or questions.

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