Animal Medical Center has so many messages and phone calls about missing pets EVERY 4th of July, we don’t want to see your pet lost or scared during this Independence Day!

Here are a few tips for a less stressful holiday:

Take A Walk

Exercise your pet to help them relax. It‘s easier for your pet to relax if they are tired.

Identification On Your Pet

Make sure your pets have an ID tag, rabies tag, AND A MICROCHIP!! No appointment needed for Microchips! Just stop on by and its a quick procedure. Also, remember to REGISTER your pet’s microchip, so if your pet is scanned, your information will be current.

PLEASE Don’t Take Your Pets

Keep your pets away from the activities that include fireworks, loud noises, lots of people & anything stressful. The entire event is going to be loud and busy.

Keep Your Pets Occupied

Keep your pet busy with activities & toys. Freeze treats or toys in a block of ice or fill a toy with your pets favorite treats. Anything that will keep your pet busy and their mind off of all the scary & loud noises from the fireworks festival.

Hide The Noise

Create a safe zone! Go into the basement, close doors & windows, play low key music, turn on the TV, or turn a fan on.

Stop by or call us today to be ready with medications or talk about other ways to make sure your pet stays home and calm!

Have questions?

We’re here to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!