The veterinarians & veterinary staff at Animal Medical Center in Gillette, WY want to ensure your pets enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. To help you make that happen, we’re offering 12 Days of Pet Christmas Tips. These tips will be available on our Facebook Page. We hope you enjoy!

Tip 1

Have you gotten all your presents wrapped yet?
Wrapping paper, bows & ribbons can cause a intestinal blockages & upset stomach if your pet eats them.
Keep your pets out of the room while you are wrapping gifts. Avoid issues by keeping dogs & cats away!

Tip 2

Those ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just for looks! Limit your dog’s outdoor time to 10-15 minutes in cold weather. Protect your dog with coats and boots if you are going for a brisk walk. Get those indoor/outdoor kitties inside overnight, and make sure they have some sort of warm shelter if they return when you aren’t available to let them in. Also check your pets’ ears, paws and tails for signs of frostbite. If you have any concerns about frost bite, call Animal Medical Center at 307-682-1507.

Tip 3

Twinkle, Twinkle! Make sure Christmas lights are out of reach for curious teeth. Electrocution can cause serious burns, seizures, and death. If your pet is not acting normal and you have a suspicion they got electrocuted by Christmas lights, call Animal Medical Center immediately!

Tip 4

It’s not worth the risk! Those shiny strands of playful fun can be deadly for your sweet kitten! Just like wrapping material, it can cause intestinal blockage.

Tip 5

Batteries can be everywhere at Christmas time. While alkaline batteries can cause burns (if chewed) and obstruction even if swallowed whole, it’s the smaller “disc” type batteries that easily cause severe burns in a cat’s or dog’s esophagus that can be fatal.

Tip 6

Lilies & Mistletoe are beautiful this time of year, but did you know they are toxic! Poinsettias do have a bad rep of being poisonous to pets but they still have some level of toxicity. Some other holiday plants are more dangerous to your pets. Ingesting these can cause kidney failure in cats. Opt for artificial plants to decorate your house.

Tip 7

Who doesn’t love cookies and sweets? But your pets shouldn’t get a taste. Chocolate and other ingredients in sweets are harmful for your pets. If they get into them, call us immediately. Try this Chocolate Toxicity Calculator! (Please still call us immediately if your pet gets into chocolate, no matter what kind!)

Tip 8

Does your house resemble “Christmas Vacation” with all the guests coming over? This time of year can be stressful for your pet, make them a safe zone where they can get away from all the craziness. Also, make sure your guests know to pick up their belongings so your pets don’t get into them and no feeding any scraps off the table!

Tip 9

Love that holiday glow? Make sure your candles are in a safe area where your pets can’t get burned or knock them over.

Tip 10

Fatty, spicy food or bones should not be fed to your pets. These can cause an unexpected visit to our clinic over the holiday. These foods can cause extreme intestinal upset that will requires hospitalization or surgery.

Tip 11

If you are enjoying a beautiful live tree this year, make sure you clean up any pine needles on the floor. These can puncture your pet intestines if ingested. Also, make sure your tree water doesn’t contain fertilizers. Change the water frequently as it’s a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Tip 12

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