When your pet isn’t feeling well, it’s not always easy to tell what’s wrong just by looking at them. What’s more, since our animal companions cannot speak to explain their symptoms or show us where it hurts, reaching a definitive and timely diagnosis can be a challenge. That’s where veterinary diagnostics come into play.

The doctors at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming utilize a wide variety of tools and technologies to help us better manage the ongoing health of our patients. Our diagnostic services allow us to learn exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body so that we can quickly and accurately diagnose and treat the problem for the best possible outcome.

The diagnostic tools available to patients at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming include, but are not limited to:

• Blood Work
• Urinalysis
• Fecal Testing
• Radiology (X-ray)
• Ultrasound Imaging
• Cardiology

When your pet isn’t feeling quite like his or her normal self, we’ll get to work to figure out exactly what’s wrong. We’ll start with a thorough physical exam, and then move on to more advanced technology as needed. Our hospital is outfitted with cutting edge diagnostic equipment making it easy to achieve fast and accurate results. In many cases, we can have answers for you before you and your pet even leave the exam room.

Rest assured that whatever may be ailing your animal friend, we’re fully prepared and well-equipped get to the bottom of it, quickly and accurately! We’ll have your loved one on the path to good health again before you know it!


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