Behavioral Counselling

Your pet may arguably be the most adorable little critter you’ve ever laid eyes on. In fact, you could probably list a thousand little things he or she does to warm your heart and brighten your day. Well….all except that one nasty habit – that one bad behavior that is standing in the way of your ability to fully embrace them as a part of the family.

Whether it’s a house training problem, aggression, anxiety or something else, unwanted pet behavior is one of the most common problems animal owners face. If you’re struggling with bad pet behavior, you’re certainly not alone. More importantly, with our professional behavioral counseling services, it’s not something you have to learn to live with

The team at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming is experienced in all aspects of companion animal behavior. We can get to the bottom of why your pet is acting out and develop a plan to overcome the problem once and for all.

The key to tackling unwanted pet behavior is understanding what’s causing it in the first place. In many cases, the behavior you’re dealing with is merely a symptom of a bigger underlying issue. For instance, a pet that becomes destructive or barks incessantly when left alone may actually be suffering from separation anxiety. Only when we successfully identify the root cause can we effectively address and overcome it.

It’s also important that we rule out any possible medical cause. Many illnesses and medical conditions have symptoms that can easily be mistaken for bad behavior. For example, frequent house training accidents may actually be a sign of a health problem rather than your pet acting out. We’ll evaluate your animal friend to determine if the issues would be better dealt with through medical intervention.

Some of the behavior problems we can provide assistance with include:

• House training problems
• Aggression
• Biting
• Chewing
• Jumping
• Digging
• Excessive barking
• Destructive behavior
• Fear/anxiety
• More…

Once we have a clear picture of what’s causing your companion to act out, we’ll work with you to provide the education, tools and support you need to combat the problem head on. We’ll teach you proven behavior modification techniques, such as positive reinforcement and reward, which will get you real, permanent results.

You deserve to enjoy your relationship with your four-legged friend, and we can help! Let us work together to help restore peace and balance back into your home.

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