Allergies & Dermatology

If you’ve ever experienced an allergy or other type of skin problem, you’re keenly aware of how unpleasant it can be. The itchiness, discomfort and pain can impact your whole life. Skin disorders can be just as uncomfortable for our animal friends, which is why pet dermatology is so important.

Companion animals can suffer from a wide variety of dermatological problems, including allergies, infections and hormonal conditions, along with many of the same unpleasant symptoms and side effects. The good news is Animal Medical Center’s dermatology and allergy services can help!

Our doctors are experienced at identifying, diagnosing and treating a broad range of dermatological conditions, including those involving the ears and feet, using the most efficient and effective methods available. Whether it’s a simple laboratory test, a skin scraping, a biopsy or something else, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing your pet’s discomfort so that we can address and correct it as quickly as possible.

Some of the many dermatological conditions we can assist with include:

• Allergies
• Parasites
• Skin and Ear Infections
• Diseases of the Feet
• Autoimmune Disorders
• Hormonal Conditions
• Dermatitis
• Tumors
• Skin Cancer
• More…

Our experienced team will evaluate your pet on an individual basis, assessing symptoms and performing the necessary tests to reach an accurate diagnosis. Once we know what dermatological problem we’re dealing with, we’ll then get right to work developing a customized treatment plan that will achieve the most effective and timely results. Treatments for skin disorders may include everything from topical creams to oral or injectable medication to supplements, therapy and, in some cases, surgery.

Should we determine that your pet is suffering from an allergy, we’ll work diligently to determine what is triggering your pet’s symptoms. Pet allergies can be related to food or may involve something within their environment. Once we pinpoint the type of allergy we’re dealing with, we’ll come up with a plan that will help reduce and/or eliminate the problem altogether.

If you suspect your companion may be suffering from some type of skin problem, don’t wait a moment longer. Give the team at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming a call. We can help your loved one live a more comfortable life!

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