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  • Tips for Keeping Your Pet Bird Healthy

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    Your newly adopted parrotlet Peaches won’t believe her good fortune. You recently found Peaches through a bird rescue group; and you were completely captivated by this beautiful girl’s colorful feathers and friendly personality. You plan to spoil little Peaches rotten, providing her with a spacious cage and the best bird kibbles available. Before you invest in Peaches’ lifestyle luxuries, though, you’ll ask your veterinarian from Gillette to give your bird a complete physical exam. You’d … Read More »

  • Will a Hedgehog Make a Good Pet?

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    Looking for a pet that’s a little different than the typical dog or cat? You may consider a hedgehog. Here, a Gillette veterinarian discusses these creatures as pets. Hedgehog Temperament A hedgehog’s general temperament is one of their big attractions—in most cases, they’re very docile, friendly, gentle pets. While they can be rather solitary, a hedgehog will bond with an owner if enough time is spent together. And don’t worry about the hedgehog’s quills hurting … Read More »

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