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  • Getting Fido Ready for Summer

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    Summer is on the way! Many of our canine buddies love spending time outdoors in warm weather. Watching Fido running and playing on a sunny afternoon can be lots of fun! Read on for some great tips on keeping your pup happy and healthy this summer. Preventative Care If you like to take Fido out and about with you, or enjoy taking your pup to dog parks, get a doggy kit ready for your car. … Read More »

  • Considering Pet Insurance

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    You have insurance for your home, your car, your health… did you know that there is also insurance available for your pet? In this article, you’ll learn about some of the basics of pet insurance, helping you to decide if purchasing a plan is a good idea for you and your beloved companion. Why Get Pet Insurance? The benefit of pet insurance is the same as any other type of insurance: if something happens that … Read More »

  • 4 Facts about Dental Disease in Pets

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    February is Pet Dental Health Month! Our Dental Techs at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming put together 4 Facts you may not know about Dental Disease in Pets. Also, don’t  miss out on our awesome deal for February! Keep reading to find out! Did you know, by the age of 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease (dental disease)? It’s not just a senior pet problem! 1. So what’s … Read More »

  • Antifreeze and Your Pet

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    Cold weather is here to stay in Gillette and many vehicle owners are adding antifreeze to their car engines. Doing this helps a car’s cooling systems function better in cold-weather conditions. Unfortunately, antifreeze is highly toxic to our animal companions! Below, learn more about this dangerous poison and how to protect your pet from danger. Why Is Antifreeze Poisonous? Most antifreeze products use an alcoholic substance called ethylene glycol as the main ingredient. Ethylene glycol is a … Read More »

  • Winter Weather Tips For You and Your Pets

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    Your golden retriever Boomer thinks he’s ready to battle Old Man Winter here in Wyoming. While Boomer sports a nice double coat that would keep him warm in garden-variety cold weather, he’s probably not ready for Gillette’s subzero temperatures and dangerous wind chills. In fact, since you adopted Boomer in the summer, he’s in for quite a surprise. Our staff at Animal Medical Center want to help you keep your pets safe this winter. Learn more … Read More »

  • Holiday Treats for Fido

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    The holiday season is officially here! Many people really enjoy making seasonal cookies and treats for their friends and family members. Of course, our canine friends are also part of the family! If you like baking, why not make your dog some special snacks? In this article, a local vet lists some great holiday snacks you can make for Fido. Doggy Eggnog To make Fido his own version of this classic dish, start with plain … Read More »

  • Microchips bring pets home!

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    If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know just how horrendous and downright heartbreaking it is. Your entire family feels it and it never really goes away…So what can you do to protect your own pets? At Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, we agree that our pets are a part of our families and that is why we recommend each pet receives a permanent identification microchip that will last their entire lifetime. For a limited … Read More »

  • Spotlight on Canine Freestyle Dance

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    Janet always thought her border collie Athena resembled a canine Ginger Rogers. This athletic four-year-old dog excelled in her obedience class. She’s also quite a ham, spinning and jumping for the sheer joy of it. Although she doesn’t know it, Athena’s a good candidate for canine freestyle dance. This fast-growing competitive sport enables a human-canine team to create an entertaining musical routine showcasing the duo’s movement and communication skills. As with any high-energy activity, Athena’s … Read More »

  • Spotlight on Service Dog Contributions

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    We have a tremendous respect for service dogs. From terriers and cocker spaniels to golden retrievers and German shepherds, these remarkable canines have helped many people enjoy more rewarding lives. Although the dogs’ tasks vary, they all stay calm and focused regardless of the situation around them. When visiting your veterinarian, you might have observed a service dog quietly awaiting his appointment. Seeing-Eye Dogs Also known as “guide dogs,” these world-renowned companions have been assisting … Read More »

  • Car Safety for Puppies

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    Have you recently added a puppy to your household? Congratulations! Little Fido has lots to learn in his first year, as he figures out the do’s and don’ts of being a dog. One thing he’ll need to get used to is riding in cars. Whether you plan to take your canine pal out and about with you frequently, or only for occasional veterinary appointments or dog park excursions, you’ll need to keep your furry friend … Read More »

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