• Helping Your Dog Get Through Mosquito Season

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    Hot weather tends to bring with it a few pet hazards, one of which is outdoor pests. Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance to us humans—they can bite our canine companions as well! Read on to find out more about the dangers these pests pose and how to keep your four-legged friend safe from harm. Mosquito Bites A dog’s coat of fur does offer some protection against mosquito bites, but mosquitoes can still bite … Read More »

  • Getting Fido Ready for Summer

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    Summer is on the way! Many of our canine buddies love spending time outdoors in warm weather. Watching Fido running and playing on a sunny afternoon can be lots of fun! Read on for some great tips on keeping your pup happy and healthy this summer. Preventative Care If you like to take Fido out and about with you, or enjoy taking your pup to dog parks, get a doggy kit ready for your car. … Read More »

  • The Great Grill Give Away

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    It’s that time of year again! The mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are ready for the warmer weather, ARE YOU? Make sure your pet is protected against heartworms and other parasites! For every box purchased of Heartgard, Nexgard and Frontline, you can enter in our GREAT GRILL GIVEAWAY! Purchase your pets’ preventatives before June 27th to be entered in our Great Grill Giveaway. The drawing will be held June 28th, 2017 just in time for JULY … Read More »

  • Considering Pet Insurance

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    You have insurance for your home, your car, your health… did you know that there is also insurance available for your pet? In this article, you’ll learn about some of the basics of pet insurance, helping you to decide if purchasing a plan is a good idea for you and your beloved companion. Why Get Pet Insurance? The benefit of pet insurance is the same as any other type of insurance: if something happens that … Read More »

  • Tara’s Kitchen Bites – Nutrition After Trauma

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    Imagine the story of Fez, a now older Labrador who was loving life at his house. At Fez’s home there were kids and toys and properly regulated food bowls. He loved to run and play in the yard. And he loved to chase after those fast moving aluminum boxes that drive down the street. His family tried to tell him not to do it, but he just wouldn’t listen.  Oh Fez! Poor, poor Fez!! Now … Read More »

  • Tips for Teaching Your Cat Not to Bite

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    Watching a cat play can be very cute and fun. Our feline friends are definitely quite frisky! Fluffy’s idea of play doesn’t always sync up with ours, however. Cats are predators, and play fighting stimulates their natural hunting instincts. This often translates into kitties that equate biting with fun! If your kitty has a habit of chomping on you when she’s feeling frisky, you’ll want to take steps to correct her behavior. After all, those … Read More »

  • 5th Annual Coggins & Rabies Equine Clinic

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    Time for Spring Equine Vaccinations! Join us for our 5th Annual Coggins & Rabies Equine Clinic on Saturday, March 18th from 9am to 3pm at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming. Digital Coggins Tests: $25 (regularly  $34.50) Equine Rabies Vaccination: $10 (regularly $15) This special is for one day only! No appointment necessary! Meet our Zoetis representative Amy Pravecek and ask her all your questions! Also, Quest Dewormer & all other Equine Vaccines available at our new lower … Read More »

  • Tara’s Kitchen Bites – Nutrition For Your Pet’s Teeth

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    By Tara Lynn   Imagine the story of Fez, a now older Labrador loving life in his house. At Fez’s home there were kids and toys and, now, properly regulated food bowls. He loved to run and play in the yard. One day, he traveled to see his favorite veterinarian who also shared his same name. Dr. Fez made sure he took good care of Fez and prevented diseases by vaccinating him and also deworming … Read More »

  • Horses need Dental Care too!

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    Horses require regular dental procedures, commonly called “Teeth Floats”, to keep their teeth and mouth healthy. Animal Medical Center of Wyoming can perform this procedure for your horse anytime of the year to keep them healthy and to help them live a longer life. Did you know that horses’ teeth grow continuously until about 25 to 30 years of age?! Horses in modern times have diets that are very different from their ancestors. Because of these modern diets … Read More »

  • Welcome Home, Junie B!

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    A year ago we shared Brenna Powell’s journey to have a Diabetic Service Dog by her side. She started her own GoFundMe page and started fundraising for a lifesaving service dog.  Brenna faces the daily challenges of being a Type One Diabetic while going to college in Laramie. She is also the daughter of our very own beloved, Dr. Brad Powell. As a part of the Animal Medical Center family, we wanted to help Brenna … Read More »

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